Studying as part of Culture?

Studying persist for higher education. As higher education is ways to alleviate wealth and social status, moreover fulfill the society’s mindset perspective of ‘educated people’. School as education institution had been acknowledged, dated back in 16th centuries – yet, as not as formalized and structured as today.

English Entrance Exam of one of China's State University

English Entrance Exam of one of China’s State University

But what if study makes up become a ‘Robot’? Commonly, students who took similar test being interviewed and stated that they studied up to 16 hours per day, which the rest of hours used for sleep. It is not study to understand, yet to memorize.                                 Our school and education systems have helped to creates robots to similar quality of filling in the blank. As of why today’s education system is more likely a Roulette to ensure good carrier and life’s quality; because of population explosion, rendering competition being tightened by certain requirements via criteria – other than education background other activities are also required to be involved in job seeking, for example. It was not as valuable as education back then which ensure at least the welfare of educated person.

Well, what do you think? Should it be reformed or stay as it is, or imbued with innovations?


Jimmy Lie Atipa Junior (016201200007)



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