Whether the date should always be the man who pays? Culture or Grip?

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb

Good Morning

At the first I would like to begin this article to define a flashback about dating approach. Why a relationship has to start from the approach? Yet if family, friends and relatives to bless, the relationship that just 2 weeks, can be realized marriage. The approach is one way to study and learn something. The signs that are made through the attitudes and behavior shows the mindset of the individual. Not all men do this. There is also a man who is always close to another human due to personal extrovert and care for the environment.

But for men, There are something I look carefully:
1. Men are creatures that have a clear purpose.
2. Men will act when they do not have a sense of curiosity
3. Men will not approach if there is no cause.

Not all beautiful women preferred by men. Because the beautiful of women is relative (according to taste) Men are more likely to approach women that attractive, cheerful, and loving. But there is something that is not expected, that men like to see women who are bold and dominating (center of attention). Of course this is because of the professional and brilliant woman.

Is it true that modern in 2013-2014 man looks flabby?
I regret to say Yes, they look flabby (The scope of the metropolis). And many things that cause men like it (especially the social factor).
Approach and dating (the study of the marker and marked), when you (women) began to relate to a person (male) shortly afterwards the man writes a regular prefix “What are you doing?” Then followed, “Do you have any events this week?”

Two options to be done by a woman are:
1 Reject smoothly (“I have an event”), it is a sign of no interest.
2 Receive (“I have no events, so what?), it iss a sign of trying to establish a relationship.

The phenomenon above is that if the man who dared to ask first. I would say it is not wrong if the woman who took first. There is absolutely no wrong. For someone who is not yet experienced either men or women, they will ask first to those who are considered to have experienced.
Including questions that I mentioned: “I invited her to movie, that I should pay him for the movie ticket?” (Male)

Answer options:
1. The experience of answering “The girl thinks, he is the guy who pays that the care man. If you really care about her, let’s pay.”
2. The experience of answering “No need. If you do not have enough money why should you pay? Let alone pay each”
3. The experienced of answering “You can adjust it by yourself. Honest, If indeed you cannot afford to pay why should impose? If I am, it is better to be honest from the beginning.”

I say with regret, culture number 1 is no longer called habit but that referred to the rule (grip) which is applied by women. Not only in Jakarta, Indonesia but throughout the world.

Then basically, Women NOT ONLY like number 1, but also THERE ARE women who tends to pick number 3.
Honesty, a relationship that begins with honesty better than coercion (lies). Despite the fact that WOMEN DO NOT like being lied to (tricked) Honesty is a painful thing. To accept or not accept these signs will be your decision later.

In conclusion, do not push yourself, if you cannot, better to say the truth.
Moreover, most women are not happy if they see a man depressed, even more depressed because of her. But love is a variety of shapes and I cannot generalize love. You are play (players) in your own love story.

by, M. Alifan Febrian – 0162012001305-kesalahan-cowok-saat-kencan-pertama


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