culturaldiversity 1


Youth is a young role model

Youth is someone who has a social responsibility

Youth is the one who can bring peace and balance in this multiculturalism


The simple – what I like to call – poem above is shortly described the messsage of this post. The other posts highlighted about the current issue that is completely hot to be discussed, especially in this multiculturalism world and globalized era. There are a religion or conflict issue, underdevelopment of one region issue, gender inequality, and more. However, these issues will always remain the same if there is no action from us. Youth, as a young role model, has the responsibility to solve these issues in order to bring balance, peace, equality, unity, and betterment in this diversity. Thus, this has become one of our responsibilities. Let’s hand in hand to make this is happening in the future so we can give the legacy to the next generation!


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