The 1960s Counterculture: Hippies Movement


In the beginning of 1960s, the counterculture movement emerged in San Fransisco, USA. This movement well known as hippies movement. The terms hippie refer to word “hipster” which means the unusual movement. This movement emerged as a protest by teenagers towards a conservative culture at that time. They started to reject the old culture which their parents held in a long time. They go out from home, create a commune, consumed LSD and marijuana and having sex. This movement upheld liberal value and they think that the conservative culture is no longer fit with the ages.  1960s counterculture produced much music, literature and popular art which related to their values. The characteristic of this movement was long hair, full color shirt, marijuana and live nomad. The hippies movement comes up with a very famous tagline “Make Love Not War” as a forms to protest every kind of war and violence. This movement well known as their protest against U.S foreign policy towards Vietnam war. ( David Jr. M)


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