American Politics explained in the comic created by Idan Schneider

the source is as provided below:


The artist had drawn a slightly perfect explanation on American politics. It brings more irony when it comes on how people from democrats (the leader, the actors, etc) see people from republics, vice versa.  Democrats, seen by republicans are the one who continue the spirit of communism. While Republicans, seen by democrats, are the one who live in a most country-way. This shows that a person’s identity is determined most likely by seeing the attachment of  their political choice.  The implication of having certain political choice in the country with bi party system has made society tell us what to do as they expect something that ought to be exactly on the “path”. In conclusion, the culture and politics indeed have dove deeper that we ever thought.

What do you think guys? feel free to share your opinion and suggestions.


The implication of American Bi Party system towards its culture

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