Diverse flavours of India on plates of Emirates fliers

Diverse flavours of India on plates of Emirates fliers

Emirates promoting Indian food as India have a richness and tasty in terms of their food. At least it reflecting Indian culture, for example in terms of plating and so on. What about Indonesia ? What do you think about Indonesian food guys ?


Tibetan Diaspora at Cultural Crossroad

Tibetan Diaspora at Cultural Crossroad

The writer, a former journalist, now travels and writes, Harish Nambiar who is also teach Tibetan people, wrote his opinion about the reason Why many Tibetan diaspora are at cultural crossroads. Seeing from the history,  the original exodus from Tibet that the Dalai Lama led in 1959 and eventually found a home for has spread into a fairly large swathe of the Indian countryside. The Tibetan cultural and religious values being very much in tune with India’s, the community had only weather and food, besides accents, to battle with. And they have flourished, by many accounts, in India, peacefully and in alarming safety. In the other hand, there is another case of the Tibetan refugees in Australia. Australian government agencies are often unprepared for these refugees’ way of living, the historical trauma they’ve endured and the emotional fall out of seeking refuge so far away from Asia. To get to know better about this case, please read the following article guys. Have a nice day !

Latino America Carving a New Identity


Latino America Carving a New Identity

Hello guys, I’ve just read an article about the Latin America Carving a New Identity. As we know that America has always been recognized for its diversity, and is seen as a country composed of minorities who intersect with one another on a regular basis. There are some cases such Marta Khadija and Mark Gonzalez who experiencing to convert their belief to muslim. According to Reuters, 2.6 million people practice Islam, one of the fastest growing religions in our country, and Hispanics, another rapidly growing group, currently comprise 17 per cent of the total U.S. population. Of course these two populations would eventually begin to intersect, and what may at first feel like an uncommon link, seems almost natural. This is the prove that United States have a diversity in terms of their culture, and of course, belief is part of it.

Welcome to the diverged thoughts of Cultural Diversity

It’s a well-known fact that culture is diverged regarding to its cultural and social root. Culture could then be a main root of certain conflicts domestically and internationally.

Therefore, we as the students of International Relations concentrating in Defense class 2 batch 2012 in President University, would like to dig more what really connect conflict, politics, ethnic and international relations in terms of cultural perspectives.

We welcome you all the readers to our pieces of minds presented comprehensive yet diverged in this blog.

Enjoy our posts!


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