Studying as part of Culture?

Studying persist for higher education. As higher education is ways to alleviate wealth and social status, moreover fulfill the society’s mindset perspective of ‘educated people’. School as education institution had been acknowledged, dated back in 16th centuries – yet, as not as formalized and structured as today.

English Entrance Exam of one of China's State University

English Entrance Exam of one of China’s State University

But what if study makes up become a ‘Robot’? Commonly, students who took similar test being interviewed and stated that they studied up to 16 hours per day, which the rest of hours used for sleep. It is not study to understand, yet to memorize.                                 Our school and education systems have helped to creates robots to similar quality of filling in the blank. As of why today’s education system is more likely a Roulette to ensure good carrier and life’s quality; because of population explosion, rendering competition being tightened by certain requirements via criteria – other than education background other activities are also required to be involved in job seeking, for example. It was not as valuable as education back then which ensure at least the welfare of educated person.

Well, what do you think? Should it be reformed or stay as it is, or imbued with innovations?


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Finger Cutting Tradition in Papua


There are many ways to express mourning, for instance in Papua, they have to sever their fingers to manifest mourning. The tradition  is quite strange. Because, beside they have to lost family members, they also lost their knuckles. Just like Yakuza tradition, a mafia organization in Japan,Yakuza gang would cut off one of the fingers of its members if they fail to carry out the mission.

Finger cuts made by Dani tribe, symbolizes sorrow and pain when losing a loved family member. In their beliefs, finger play a  vital role in doing many things. Each finger need to cooperate each other to build strength so the hands can function perfectly. If just loss  one finger, the work that we do, can not be maximum. For Dani, a finger can be interpreted as a symbol of harmony, unity, and strength in man as well as a family. So if one part disappears, then there goes the components together and diminished strength.

In addition to these philosophical reasons, Dani has basic guidelines adopted together, namely “Wene opakima dapulik welaikarek mekehasik” ​​or basic guidelines to live together in a family, a clan, a honai (home), one tribe, one ancestor, one language, one history / origin, and so on. Dani is clasped tightly together. So for them, the pain of bereaved loved ones will disappear, followed by healing finger.

The tradition of cutting a finger on Dani itself is done with a variety of a lot of ways, ranging from using sharp objects such as knives, axes or machetes. But other than that, some do by biting her knuckles to break up, tied with a rope so that the blood flow stops and knuckles be dead, then just be cutting a finger.

In addition to cutting the finger, there are also a mud bath tradition in mourning ceremonies. The mud bath is a symbol and the sense that everyone who died has been returned to nature. This is because every human being comes from the ground and will eventually return to the ground.

By : Stella Purnama Sari 016201200017

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Better to be a Carrier Woman or Housewife or Both?

Gender equality,  as what it had been represented in general,  defines about enjoying equal treatment and empowerment towards both women and men in terms of rights, benefits, opportunities and obligations on their diverse roles in society. It means that both women and men are getting equal participation in decision-making, equal ability for exercising their human rights, equal access to control resources and the benefits of development and equal opportunities in employment and other aspects of their livelihoods. Based on the reports, the cause for the world’s majority poverty are coming from women, which there is around 70% of the people who lives in an extreme poverty, on less than US$1 a day, are mostly coming from girls and women. Another reason why gender equality should have to be concerned more, especially for women, is coming from political aspect about the rights to vote. For instance is coming from Saudi Arabia, where women are not given their rights to vote. The same is happened from USA right wing commentators who said that women should never have been given the right to vote. That is why this is as a big challenge to expand the application of gender equality to all women in the world



Gender issues will appear in a condition where the measure of a specific gender is less than another gender in certain places (for instance is the population of women in a certain area lesser than population of men), or a situation where there is a hierarchy in the role that each gender should have to take because of a custom in that place (this case is mostly coming from rural areas). Thus these kinds of conditions make women get less access than men regarding to productive resources, services and opportunities, such as like land, livestock, financial services and education. And I already had this kind of experience related to the second factor about gender equality where there is hierarchy within this gender roles, especially in Bataknese culture. When I went to my village and all the parents were talking about how their children (especially their daughters) had been succeed on their educations, suddenly a man that lives on this village said, “I do not think that women should have to be given higher education, since in the end they will always appear in the kitchen and should have to be good housewife” I was getting upset after I heard what he said, however on second thought, I think part of what he said is true, that is a good thing if we got higher education and be as a woman who has good carrier, but when we already get married and all of those house work being done by our own husband, it feels like it is kinda weird for me, and of course for the society around us (mainly in Batak culture), they will think that we as women are too ambitious with what we want for our carrier while on the same time we already failed as the “real women” regarding to our roles in society (that still used “old-fashioned” style, and Batak culture is one of these society).

So, what do you think? We should have to follow gender roles in this modern society like what is happened today,

or we should have to follow what society so they will see us as a “good women”

or we can do both to balance it??




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Culture and Sociology

Simply post, i would like to tell you about culture’s friend which is sociology. This purpose of post is to make clear understanding of culture itself. Culture is one of the most important and basic concepts of sociology. In sociology culture has a specific meaning. The anthropologists believe that the behaviour which is meant is called culture. In other words the behavior which is transmitted to us by some one is called culture.The way of living, eating, wearing, singing, dancing and talking are all parts of a culture. In common parlance, the word culture, is understood to mean beautiful, refined or interesting.

In sociology we use the word culture to denote acquired behavior which are shared by and transmitted among the members of the society. In other words, culture is a system of learned behaviour shared by and transmitted among the members of a group.So culture is also a part of sociology and sociology is also part of culture.


Whether the date should always be the man who pays? Culture or Grip?

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb

Good Morning

At the first I would like to begin this article to define a flashback about dating approach. Why a relationship has to start from the approach? Yet if family, friends and relatives to bless, the relationship that just 2 weeks, can be realized marriage. The approach is one way to study and learn something. The signs that are made through the attitudes and behavior shows the mindset of the individual. Not all men do this. There is also a man who is always close to another human due to personal extrovert and care for the environment.

But for men, There are something I look carefully:
1. Men are creatures that have a clear purpose.
2. Men will act when they do not have a sense of curiosity
3. Men will not approach if there is no cause.

Not all beautiful women preferred by men. Because the beautiful of women is relative (according to taste) Men are more likely to approach women that attractive, cheerful, and loving. But there is something that is not expected, that men like to see women who are bold and dominating (center of attention). Of course this is because of the professional and brilliant woman.

Is it true that modern in 2013-2014 man looks flabby?
I regret to say Yes, they look flabby (The scope of the metropolis). And many things that cause men like it (especially the social factor).
Approach and dating (the study of the marker and marked), when you (women) began to relate to a person (male) shortly afterwards the man writes a regular prefix “What are you doing?” Then followed, “Do you have any events this week?”

Two options to be done by a woman are:
1 Reject smoothly (“I have an event”), it is a sign of no interest.
2 Receive (“I have no events, so what?), it iss a sign of trying to establish a relationship.

The phenomenon above is that if the man who dared to ask first. I would say it is not wrong if the woman who took first. There is absolutely no wrong. For someone who is not yet experienced either men or women, they will ask first to those who are considered to have experienced.
Including questions that I mentioned: “I invited her to movie, that I should pay him for the movie ticket?” (Male)

Answer options:
1. The experience of answering “The girl thinks, he is the guy who pays that the care man. If you really care about her, let’s pay.”
2. The experience of answering “No need. If you do not have enough money why should you pay? Let alone pay each”
3. The experienced of answering “You can adjust it by yourself. Honest, If indeed you cannot afford to pay why should impose? If I am, it is better to be honest from the beginning.”

I say with regret, culture number 1 is no longer called habit but that referred to the rule (grip) which is applied by women. Not only in Jakarta, Indonesia but throughout the world.

Then basically, Women NOT ONLY like number 1, but also THERE ARE women who tends to pick number 3.
Honesty, a relationship that begins with honesty better than coercion (lies). Despite the fact that WOMEN DO NOT like being lied to (tricked) Honesty is a painful thing. To accept or not accept these signs will be your decision later.

In conclusion, do not push yourself, if you cannot, better to say the truth.
Moreover, most women are not happy if they see a man depressed, even more depressed because of her. But love is a variety of shapes and I cannot generalize love. You are play (players) in your own love story.

by, M. Alifan Febrian – 0162012001305-kesalahan-cowok-saat-kencan-pertama

A Random Thought

This is one example defining ‘what culture is’.


This is a simple way picturing ‘what culture is’.


This is me, writing randomly about ‘what culture is’. There are thousands of different cultures on Earth. And I believe culture is an imaginary concept. What I am wondering now, to what extent I belong to certain culture, for what reason I need to classify my culture, even why there can be any segmentation in society based on cultural or racial issue. Such a random paragraph.

Nelson Mandela once ever said, “no one is born hating another person because of color of his skin, or his background, or his religion.” We were born in peace without any hatred. 

So why we have to hate others, when love can be another choice?

What makes us different to one another? culture?

Perhaps. For me, what actually differentiates us is all inside our head. Perception.



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“She is so shallow!” : Devaluing a woman’s work.

Society looks like it is on a mission to delegitimize every single platform in which women can express themselves, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon, so grab your popcorns because this post is about to get really, really angry.

If I tell you to stop and think of the ONE thing that women have more say than men, what will you come up with?

Go on, I’ll give you 30 seconds.

Did you get it?

You probably came up with a couple (maybe not too much), but in this particular post, I’m going to ramble about the fashion industry.


Ta – da.

Although more recently a lot of men have become more and more conscious of what they are wearing, the art of fashion remain something that is inherently female.  For centuries, women have created trends and set them on society. From long and puffy dresses with ruffles to crop tees and shorts, women have long been able to make art out of pieces of cloth. The same is true with makeup, women are using their own bodies as platforms of expressing art, and they have essentially perfected the art of eyeliner.



I will never achieve this level of dexterity.

Yet, what do we say to people who are trendy and wear makeup?

We call them ‘shallow’.

If they happen to be guys, we call them ‘girly’. And also ‘shallow’.

Why is it that although we call ourselves feminists, although we believe in the equality of the genders, we criticize probably the one and only platform in which the works of a woman can be as legitimate, even more than, that of a man?

Why is something that is a generally acceptable form of expression for women labeled as ‘vain’?

Well, remember when I said sexism against women exists in almost every level of society? Even amongst women? This is something that has been so internalized that if you don’t know what to look out for, you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

The dismissal of fashion as something that is trivial is a very, very, very subtle form of sexism. And yet it is still sexism. Women have few enough forms of expression as it is, and with fashion, women are allowed an uncharacteristic amount of freedom.

Which is of course why our patriarchal society must devalue it. Because it is a ‘woman’s art form’.

Yes, I know that a lot of guys are into fashion as well, and more to those guys. You go, boys. Rock those chino pants. However, like it or not, being stylish is something that is very primarily female, and this is why society treats it as trivial.

Because society treats women as trivial.

What makes me really sad is that labeling stylish women (and men) as ‘superficial’ is mostly done by fellow women. I cannot even begin to describe how internalized sexism has become that women judge other women (and some men) according to standards that are set by our misogynistic society.


(There is also the silly, silly, and almost idiotic notion that women dress up stylishly for men to see, for male approval. This is not true for a lot of women. Women dress up to express themselves, not to grab men’s attention. Not to be hit on while walking down the street because she is wearing a cute summer dress, and ultimately, NOT TO BE RAPED BECAUSE HER SHORT SKIRT WAS ‘ASKING FOR IT’.)

So the next time you see someone with full on makeup wearing a fancy little black dress, stop muttering “That person is so shallow” under your breath. The next time you see someone maybe wearing hoop earrings and a mismatched cardigan, stop that sniggering. The next time a person, man or woman, tells you “I really want to be good at applying eyeliner”, don’t roll your eyes, because a person should not be discouraged from expressing his/herself, because no form of art should be devalued just because it is primarily female.

Anyways, down with the patriarchy.

Now, what did you say about me being an angry feminist again?

Cynthia Natalia Ongga – 016201200122

Futurism in Changsha, China

The future is a time after the present. It has been becoming a topic of religion, philosophy, and science. The futurism in art began to be popular in the twentieth century where the medium of art such as painting, theater, sculpture, music, poetry, architecture, and gastronomy were being explored. Futurism was then expanded to cover other artistic coverage and finally included industrial textile, design, and architecture.

In Changsha, China, there appeared an ambitious cultural complex introduced by Zaha Hadid Architects, an international architecture and design firm from London. It brought a new concept of building which put the concern more on extreme sinuous curves that radiate from each of the three independent structures and hooks them to a pedestrianized landscape, forming what they hope to be a global destination for theater and art.

Posted by: Ratna Ningrum Kus P.

“FINE” country


Can you figure out what has been called by “fine” city ? yes, it is Singapore. Everything seems fine, fine situation, facilities, and everything seems so much fine. This is one of fascination that they create as a dream country. Even it is small country that we are all know that this country has nothing actually, but they made those all beauty spot to be visited. Singapore is not a “cheap” country, as Indonesian, their currency is higher than ours but then, it seems so worthy to pay for. You may spent almost 500 dollars only for 2 or 3 days (of course included shopping). One of the thing that i want to tell is i am in love with this country. Not with all the shopping center or all great food but i love the atmosphere of safety. I can go anywhere by bus or MRT without feeling apprehensive. And another is their discipline rules. Everything is fine means when you do something wrong, you are going to be fine with paying FINE which is the penalty. They created the rule but with the soft ways in order to create the real understanding of people by using FINE words. That atmosphere makes me wants to go there rather choosing another country to be visited. I want to go overseas to see what happens out there and what they have but if i cannot, its really fine if i only visit Singapore for several days. Oh ya, i love one quotes that i found in the back of security’s Jacket in Mustafa Center that said “Low crimes does not means no crime”. It makes me still aware with everything around me but for sure, i still feeling everything just “fine”, nothing to be scared of. i love Indonesia with any uniqueness and so on, but I hope Indonesia can create the atmosphere like that, and i will really enjoy my country more rather than other country.



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Youth is a young role model

Youth is someone who has a social responsibility

Youth is the one who can bring peace and balance in this multiculturalism


The simple – what I like to call – poem above is shortly described the messsage of this post. The other posts highlighted about the current issue that is completely hot to be discussed, especially in this multiculturalism world and globalized era. There are a religion or conflict issue, underdevelopment of one region issue, gender inequality, and more. However, these issues will always remain the same if there is no action from us. Youth, as a young role model, has the responsibility to solve these issues in order to bring balance, peace, equality, unity, and betterment in this diversity. Thus, this has become one of our responsibilities. Let’s hand in hand to make this is happening in the future so we can give the legacy to the next generation!